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“The 3rd World Traveler” by Ma. Patricia Yulo


I’m done reading this book, “The 3rd World Traveler” by Ma. Patricia Yulo. I’m so happy to have found this. I never tried to travel alone though I’ve been out of the country once, tour the place with a companion and I’m not the one who planned the itinerary. It is my dream to visit that country, which is Japan, again, but this time, hopefully, alone, well planned, and my “own” budget.

This book tackled everything, from the traveler’s point of view, her own experience, insights, tips, and advice for those who are thinking, hoping, planning of traveling. I highly recommend this book to every one who wants to explore the world.

Thank you to the author, “Ma. Patricia Yulo” for creating this book and sharing your thoughts and experiences, and for your advice for us hesitant, afraid, and eager to fulfill our travel dreams.

God bless and good luck to all of us.



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